Duets / Kiyomi Suzuki

Released at 1994 from TM Factory
CD(JPN:TOCT-8537) Total:30m25s

No.TitleDuet with
1Woman to womanWendy Morten
2Goodbye my loveDavid Sea
3When something is wrong with my baby?Marilyn Martin, Tommy Funderburk
4Wait and seeMichael McDonald
5Touch the worldPeavo Bryson
6Starlight of sunriseWinans

Kiyomi Suzuki is Japanese female soul singer.
She is a sister of Masayuki Suzuki, a member of Japanese famous male pop group "Rats and star".

There were very few times I've listened Kiyomi's song, and I have no interestion with her.
This time, I bought this album "Duet", I was very surprised with Kiyomi's vocal, it was really great!
Kiyomi's voice is very bold and soulful, like Tina Turner.
Now, Kiyomi was stopped to singing. It's a sad thing.

In this album, Kiyomi and Marilyn and Tommy Funderburk are singing together.
I think it's not better to sing with three persons.
The other songs are really good and the quality is very fine!

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