Love Strories

Released at 1992 from Virgin Japan CD(JPN:VJCA-00014)

No.TitlePerformed by
1Say yesJason Scheff
2Get crazy!Adrian Peritore
3Sweet love / AlmazDianne Reeves
4Welcome to the edgeBill Champlin
5Happy merry christmasMarilyn Martin
6I willYvonne Williams
7SuddenlyNed Doheny
8GloriaRichard Page
9Hold me tonightRoy Galloway
10Home me right now, kiss meGigi Worth

This is a english cover compilation of many Japanese TV-drama's theme song.

Other data
ProduceNobuhito Ikehata(Japan), Kaz Masumoto(L.A.)
B.G.VoBill Champlin, Jason Scheff, Tom Keane, Joseph Williams, Brett Raymond, Roy Galloway, Adrian Peritore
Key.Tom Keane, Brett Raymond
G.Michael Landau, Michael Thompson
Ds.Sean Yarbrough
SaxDavid Koz, Larry Williams
CelloArmen Kasajikian
Tp.Jerry Hey, Gary Grant
Tb.Bill Reichenbach

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