Marilyn Martin

Released at 1986 from Warner Pioneer/Atlantic
Vinyl(JPN:P-13261) Casette(JPN:PKG-3163), CD(JPN:32XD-459)

No.TitleWritten by
1Body and the beatR.Taylor, M.Hunter
2Night movesMarilyn Martin, John Parr, John Astley
3Too much too soonHenry Gaffney, Madeline Stone
4Turn it onHolly Knight, Mike Chapman
5Thank youDave Stewart, Feargal Sharky
6One step closerSturken, Rogers, Grant, Pescetto
7Beauty and the beastMarilyn Martin, John Parr
8Move closerPhyllis Nelson
9The dream is always the sameMarilyn Martin, Simon Climie
10Here is the newsCharlie Dore, Julian Littman
below 2 songs are addition of Japanese CD version, and not included in a vinyl LP
11Wildest dreamsMarilyn Martin, Daryl Stuermer
12Separate lives (Love theme from white nights)Stephen Bishop

This was the first original album of Marilyn.
Many man producers were joined, Arif Mardin, Phil Ramone, John Astray, Phil Chapman, John Parr, Gary Stevensen, Simon Climie.
And many hit tune was sent to the hit chart.

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