This is serious

Released at 1988 from Warner Pioneer/Atlantic
Vinyl(JPN:P-13643) Casette(JPN:PKG-3355), CD(JPN:32XD-972)

No.TitleWritten by
1Possesive lovePatrick Leonard, Madonna, Jai Winding
2This is seriousJimmy O'neill
3The best is yet to comeTerry Britten, Graham Lyle
4Quiet desparationMarilyn Martin, Jon Astley, Jay Gruska
5Lay me downSue Shifrin, Bob Marlette
6Love takes no prisonersBruce Woodley, Jimmy Scott
7Try meMarilyn Martin Mark Golenberg
8The wait is overJay Gruska, Paul Gordon
9HomelessMarilyn Martin, Jon Astley, Billy Nichols
10PredenderBob Mitchell, James Kaleth

This was the second original album of Marilyn, and it became the last original album.
Most remarkable thing is Madonna's name apperars in the writers of "Possesive love".
And many producers joined this album, Patrick Lenoard, Michael Verdick, Jon Astley, Terry Brown
But this album's sales was not good than the first album "Marilyn Martin".

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